Double Sealing Electric Beverage Packaging Machine 304 Stainless Steel Surface

Double Sealing Electric Beverage Packaging Machine 304 Stainless Steel Surface




1. Advanced HMI operating system, PLC control, 304 stainless steel surface;
2. 8-wheel capping in operation makes the screwing speed fast and effectively avoids theft-proofing cap breakage and damage to the bottle caps.
3. It is possible to cater to varied bottle caps within the scope of this machine without replacement of parts by simply adjusting the synchronous belt, distance between cap screwing wheels and rack height.
4. It applies to varied tall and short bottles which are round, square, oblate or flat square in shape.

Main Features
1) The most efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer.
2) Circle dump avoid materials drops together to avoid break and pile up
3) 10.1 inch touch screen with multiple languages.
4) Adjustable backlight control for vision protection
5) Compatible with single packaging machine for automatic weighing.
6) Instant hopper vibration index for better control.
7) 50 preset programs for multiple tasks.
8) Individual setting linear vibration amplitude
9) Templated motor drive, convenient for dismantling

Scope of Application:

1. It is used for cap screwing of round bottles, square bottles or oblate bottles.
2. It can be used on the independent rack and is suitable for cap screwing at large scale production lines of customers.
3. It applies to customers requiring replacement of different specifications of bottles.


Technical data:


Cap diameter


Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Screwing speed

bottles/min ( depending on bottle types)


AC220V 50/60Hz 1000W



Pressure range


Host dimension


Weight of capping machine


Dimension of capping machine






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